Team Building Activities Boost Morale

Meeting new people is hard enough and working with strangers can be even harder because you do not know the strengths, weaknesses or the thinking process of those you’ve never met. A great tool for companies would be to break the ice with team building activities. One of the best team building activities I can think of is an escape room. Using an escape room as a team building activity creates confidence, promotes productivity and creates cohesion amongst your employees.

An Escape Room Creates Confidence

If you’re looking for team building activities in Arlington TX, maybe you should consider an escape room. Those that are shy or timid about sharing ideas could use an escape room to come out of their shells. In an escape room, you are placed in a situation in which your thoughts and suggestions could make the difference between staying trapped and getting free. When people are under that kind of pressure they will be more prone to act due to their survival instincts. At the same time, others might be more receptive to their ideas and suggestions because everyone is on the common wave of trying anything to get free. This type of acceptance of their attempts will create inner confidence and make them want to speak up more and not be so afraid of ideas falling on deaf ears. Their voices will also be heard within the group in the future, especially if their idea worked.

An Escape Room Promotes Productivity

In an escape room, employees will be forced to work together, and no one will have to suggest that. The scape room creates the common problem between all the coworkers of being stuck in a situation together, so they will all be productive and use their own personal strengths to contribute to the result of getting free. There will be challenges, and all ideas may not come together perfectly, but you can expect the employees to find a way for each person to handle what they are individually good at. This productive nature will flow back into the office as well. What you create is workplace atmosphere where your employees are happy to work towards something larger than themselves.

An Escape Room Creates Cohesion

Being under pressure in an escape room already creates a sense of urgency and for the others, whoever makes the first move creates a feeling of dependency for the rest of the group. They want to be free and they want each other’s ideas to work. Solving the puzzles and gaining freedom instills a level of trust between the employees and helps them feel more comfortable working together in the future. The employees will look at the person who solved the puzzle as the hero whose answers you could trust but they will also look at the employees who stepped up to try as willing participants in teamwork. This cohesion is a very important bond to have when they will need to work together on projects in the future. The whole point in team building is to create a social cohesion between the persons involved.

Team building activities are extremely beneficial for employees and companies. They are a great way to bring people of an organization together to work to achieve a common goal. The teambuilding activity that boosts morale on several levels at once would be an escape room. This is an activity that creates confidence, promotes productivity as well as creates cohesion.