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Illusionary Artists REM Review | Mantastic Puzzle and Dragons


The Illusionary Artists are a GungHo owned event that features numerous event cards that are lumped together with the REM alongside a sprinkling of Godfest Exclusives (GFE). This means that the Artists event will return on a regular basis and it is not a far stretch to expect buffs, especially for the top rarity.

On the other hand, the rolling rates are abysmal as there is a strong likelihood that you will not even be able to roll an event card, let alone the top rarity cards who boast a 1% rolling rate. This can lead to frustration along with those top rarity cards being potentially difficult to team build for as they require 28 Skill Boosts Skill Boost to Transform which will be challenging for less developed boxes.

While the leadership potential of these top rarity cards is quite high, they are less mindless to play (can be a good

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Kingdom Collab REM Review | Mantastic Puzzle and Dragons


The Kingdom Collab makes a debut in North America and comes with a 10 Magic Stone price tag. While this on the more expensive side, all cards feature Weapon Assists which can help offset the pain of rolling a bottom rarity. Furthermore, due to the fact that this is a debut event of a newer Collab, many of these cards feature the newer awakenings and are better suited towards current content compared to older machines.

With this in mind, I would be inclined to do at least 5 or so rolls (plus free Memorial pulls) as the chances of acquiring a duplicate are reasonably low due to the large rolling pool and the fact that we have never rolled this before.

Due to continuous wrist pains, this article will be mostly an overview of this event.

Video commentary


All Monster information gathered via Tsubaki Bot (Discord Bot)

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Sudoku by Thomas Snyder – The Art of Puzzles

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[This is a repost from our archives with new notes at the top about the creation of this puzzle originally on the site ten years ago: Several people have commented to me through the years on the look or feel of a “Snyder Sudoku” — the main example when I think of my own style is something I might share as a new/bonus puzzle on Sunday, from a competition setting and the theme is 100% hard logic right at the start. But other meanings for Snyder Sudoku are about the look of the puzzle standing out too, with esoteric but visually interesting themes far beyond just symmetry — like segregating digits or repeating exact shapes multiple times (like on the cover of The Art of Sudoku four

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Fusing Monster Experience for Greats (1.5x EXP) to Quickly Max Out Cards


When I first started playing PAD, Skill Up and Great/Super rates were a 10% chance to succeed and waiting for a 2x event was meaningful. Fast forward to today and it is essentially 100% chance for Great/Super which is fantastic overall but also means we should be mindful of how much EXP we fuse to a given card.

As such, I often try my best to never waste anything and try to fuse just enough so that a Great (which almost always happens) will fully max out the respective card.

With this in mind, I want to “math out” the EXP needed along with common EXP materials you can use to quickly and mindlessly max level a card.

I will only be using on-colour EXP material as it provides 1.5x more EXP and have adjusted the following charts to properly reflect the current EXP fusion values. Furthermore, the values

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GungHo Collab: Another Story REM


The GungHo Collab: Another Story (Marvel Reskin) makes a debut in North America and comes with a 10 Magic Stone price tag. While this on the more expensive side, all cards feature Weapon Assists which can help offset the pain of rolling a bottom rarity.

GungHo Collab: Another Story is a Reskin of the Marvel Collab that occurred  in JP twice. While we do not have access to the newest evolutions/cards that were present during the second rerun, we did receive the awakenings and some buffs.

This puts us in an unusual place as this event will not be as meaningful compared to the debut and rerun in JP due to the delay and missing some key cards. Furthermore, the 10 Magic Stone price tag is quite hefty considering many of these cards may feel underwhelming.

With that being said, this Reskin uses GungHo IP which leads me to

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