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Upcoming Fashion Trends for 2018

If you’re wondering what to wear as 2018 is ushered in, look no further than Charlotte Russe. With almost 600 stores across the United States this store will meet your clothing, footwear, and accessories needs in style.

As for new trends, here they are …

Lavender. Actually, all pastels.

Pastels were popular in the 1980s, and like every other pendulum-like trend, it’s back. Expect to see gelato colors on everything from dresses, tops, bags, and coats. Probably more. You won’t go wrong with a light color in 2018.

Rich Colors

It’s not just pale shades next year. Shocking colors that look like they came from a bright Crayola box will be hot, too.

Dark Denim

Acidwash, also popular in the 1980s, however, is a thing of the past (and many think the more distant the past the better). Nowadays jeans are dark, baby. The darker the better. You’ll see the …

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