Fusing Monster Experience for Greats (1.5x EXP) to Quickly Max Out Cards


When I first started playing PAD, Skill Up and Great/Super rates were a 10% chance to succeed and waiting for a 2x event was meaningful. Fast forward to today and it is essentially 100% chance for Great/Super which is fantastic overall but also means we should be mindful of how much EXP we fuse to a given card.

As such, I often try my best to never waste anything and try to fuse just enough so that a Great (which almost always happens) will fully max out the respective card.

With this in mind, I want to “math out” the EXP needed along with common EXP materials you can use to quickly and mindlessly max level a card.

I will only be using on-colour EXP material as it provides 1.5x more EXP and have adjusted the following charts to properly reflect the current EXP fusion values. Furthermore, the values of the Snow Globes and King Dragons are now the same for every colour. With that being said, Dark has a few more advantages due to more options of EXP fodder.

Video commentary

4 million curve

Always fuse on-colour for 1.5x more EXP. All Colours show what type of materials to fuse to the respective colour.

1.5x = 4M
x = 2.67M

It is challenging to find common fodder to add up to 2.67 million EXP so I just use as few things as possible for 3 million EXP.

The Queen Metal Dragon and the EXP of a Lifetime Tamadra both yield 3 million EXP when fused on-colour. These can be used in lieu of a lil Snow Globe as both grant 3 million EXP.

5 million curve

1.5x = 5M
x = 3.33M

5M Curve – 3.33M
Goal: Level 84
What to Fuse
All Colours
(Fuse matching colour)

King plus Super King yields 3,750,000 exp.

10 million curve

Weapon Assists tend to require 10 million EXP.

1.5x = 10M
x = 6.66M

All of the above options yield 6,750,000 EXP


This is something that I do on a regular basis and has become somewhat second nature to me and with the recent buff to EXP values, this has become easier compared to before.

With that being said, I hope this is helpful to some of my readers.

Happy Puzzling!

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