GTA: San Andreas Games That Are Still Often Played

On November 11, 2021, Rockstar Games released one of the GTA games, namely GTA San Andreas. For the current generation, maybe this game is foreign.
First released in 2004, this game tells about the struggle of Carl “CJ” Johnson who returns to the world of gangsters to fight corrupt police officers and other gangs.

For old players, this game is nostalgic. However, what about the new players? Maybe, you need a little direction to be able to play this game properly.Here are some tips from The Gamer to play GTA: San Andreas like a pro!

1. Stands and hot dog vendors can heal CJ

The blood is thin and the bag is dry, being CJ at the beginning of the GTA: San Andreas story can make players angry. Moreover, CJ’s money has been drained at the beginning of the game by Officer Tenpenny. If CJ dies in the middle of the game, going to and from the hospital can cost a lot.
So, what’s the solution? CJ could switch to hot dogs. Food in restaurants can indeed restore CJ’s energy. However, the restaurant is still closed early in the game, while hot dogs are accessible. Found on the streets, hot dog vendors can restore CJ’s energy at an affordable price.

2. Doing firefighting duties in Los Santos

Want CJ to be more fire resistant? If so, CJ in GTA: San Andreas can try out the profession of a firefighter. Easy but evil, CJ has to steal a fire truck and start the mission once inside the vehicle.

3. Doing paramedic duties at Angel Pine

Besides being fire resistant, CJ in GTA: San Andreas can also increase his energy level to the maximum level. Not 100 percent, but 200 percent. How to? You can do Paramedic missions.
It’s easy, CJ can hijack the ambulance and start the mission. If the Paramedic missions are too difficult in a big city, CJ can go to Angel Pine in Whetstone or Montgomery in Red County. The small scale of the city makes Paramedic missions easier to complete.

4. Boost stamina in the gym

One of the keys to CJ’s strength lies in his stamina. You can increase CJ’s stamina in GTA: San Andreas by exercising at the gym or using a bicycle instead of a motorized vehicle. That way, CJ can run longer without feeling tired.

5. Not people, shooting practice using a car

Then, another ability that must be honed by CJ is the ability to shoot. No need to shoot people and be chased by the police, CJ in GTA: San Andreas can find a car and use it as a target.

6. Kill drug dealers on the street

Killing drug dealers on the streets of GTA: San Andreas could make CJ rich quick.
If killed, this drug dealer would have $2,000 left to collect. More simply, these drug dealers are just alone. It’s just that, make sure there are no police so you don’t get chased.