5 Ways to Boost Your League of Legends Skills


There’s hardly any League of Legends player that wants to remain at the same level for an extended period of time. This is the main reason why they often look for ways to move to the next rank. At times, it might be difficult because there are so many things to master. It’s no surprise that many players now buy League of Legends account on the internet. Let’s take a look at the best ways become a pro League of Legends player.

1.     Be upbeat

If you really want to improve as a League of Legends player, then it’s necessary to take your focus off winning every time. Stay positive and confident as trolls and losing will be encountered in the game. Take time to assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to recognize where you fit in a team. As you play, treat your teammates with respect and kindness. Avoid insulting orflaming them impulsively when they make mistakes.

2.     Play consistently

Playing League of Legends regularly is a sure way to boost your skills. Most of the serious players with a tight schedule usually create time to engage in the game. It’s imperative to play with a good team or players that you’ve played with at one time or the other. This can help to promote easy communication via voice chat. Apart from that, you will be exposed to a different set of techniques, meta or builds. Consider playing with friends that are highly skilled so that you can play your best.

3.     Ensure that your setup is perfect

Your PC should be able to run League of Legends without any hassles.Endeavor to check your ping too before playing a ranked game. A very high ping can result into lagging or freezing. Other things that must be in place include a fast and stable internet connection and a good mouse. If the latter is not working properly, it can interfere with winning. Confirm that everything is well connected when it’s time to play and curb any form of distractions, especially social media or pets.

4.     Research extensively about the game

Although researching usually takes a considerable amount of time, it’s worth the effort. You will definitely find most of the information applicable as time goes on. The internet contains tons of guides from various professional players. Most of these guides can offer insight about each champion’s range, runes, items,skills, attack speed among other things. The bottom line is to consult the most recent guides instead of outdated ones.

5.     Look out for fresh updates

It should be noted that meta often changes with every patch update that is rolled out by Riot. For instance, some of the items that were potent in the previous version may have become nerfed in the latest version. As you find out about particular champions that have undergone changes after each patch, remember to take note of what other players are playing. Participating actively in discussion forums will assist you to have access to the latest League of Legends news and improve your skills too.