Battle of Azeroth: New Updates Demon Hunter

Interest in the “Demon Hunter” class from the moment of the “Legion” expansion was not lost to the players. It is caused by the fact that the developers have managed to make the class unique. Greater mobility is caused by the possibility of a double jump. Wings help traverse on the terrain. The ability “Spectral Sight” during leveling is useful for finding treasures, looking through walls and marking the positions of opponents. It also allows you to detect the enemy in a state of invisibility; useful on BG against Rogues and Ferals. Amplifying skill “Metamorphosis” during activation stuns enemies and gives you lifesteal. Plus, a unique weapon glaive can be thrown with the use of “Glaive Throw” and it can ricochet to other enemies.

In an interview about the “Battle for Azeroth” developers from the studio Blizzard Entertainment announced the work on all classes. Each specialization they will try to highlight separately, emphasizing originality. Demon Hunters were significantly modified in Patch 7.3. This concerned the imbalance of skills that accumulate rage/pain resources and spend them for two specializations. For example, the skill “Prepared” recovers 100 units in 10 seconds instead of 40 for 5. It is expected that developers will continue to work on the balance, and uniqueness will be emphasized through usage of mobility, “Metamorphosis”, new AoE skills and alike. The Demon Hunter has no analogues, and therefore does not need a specific refinement.

The Demon Hunter class will be incredibly popular with leveling through 110-120 and for this there are reasons. Even in the specialization “Vengeance”, not to mention the “Havoc”, they are capable of causing huge damage and quickly killing whole packs of enemies. The tank keeps aggro, reducing incoming attack parameters by 40{1e634bf91e868dd0a677232558f4e015ddc4bb99b08a4a359f03d91d056cd203} with the “Fire stomp”. At this time, with the help of the “Immolation Aura” and the “Spirit Bomb”, all enemies in the district suffer great damage. Due to the “Soul Rendering” the self-healing level should be maintained, and the pain accumulates by periodic strikes of “Felblade”. With control, there are also no problems. “Sigil of Silence” and the activation of “Metamorphosis” together give insane invulnerability and 6 seconds silence. Thanks to the “Demonic Wards” it is incredibly difficult to kill a Demon Hunter. In aggregate, it’s a character with a high defense, incoming healing for attacks and a large AoE damage. With the specialization “Havoc” the situation is slightly different. Demon Hunter in this branch quickly accumulates a resource of rage with talents due to “Demon Blades “, “Felblade”. Together with the talents Chaos Blades, Blind Fury and First Blood, the character can inflict incredible damage on all targets around. An arsenal of skills such as “Fel Mastery” (with “Impulse”), “Fel Barrage”, “Fury of the Illidari” allows you to do kills packs of enemies in an instant. Demon Hunter has an incredible potential for damage and survival through quick jumps and location changes. The main thing is to disorient the enemy and continue to use the rotation correctly.

Demon hunters with two opposing factions will be leveling on two different continents. To save time on learning them you can order WoW boost 110-120. The Horde will travel to Zandalar, home of the blood trolls. Leveling will occur in three locations:

  • Acquaintance with Loa Bwonsamdi and adventure to the Necropolis in the territory of Nazmir. Here, at the end of the plot, it is necessary to clear the spread of spoilage from the dungeon “Pidgin”.
  • In the capital of Zuldazar, the trolls raised an uprising against the city’s rulers, players will have to understand its causes, and also explore the dungeons of Atal’Dazar and the Peace of the King.
  • Tasks from new races in the territory scorched by the Ancient Gods called Voldun. Battles with snake-like people, sweep of the underground “Temple Setrallis”.
  • Demon hunters from the Night Elves race will be traversing to the mainland of Kul-Tiras according to the approximate scheme:
  • The history of the Stormsong house in the valley, which is named in his honor. Unraveling the tangle of the curse of the sea priests, and the finish of the dungeon “Shining Storm”.
  • Acquaintance with Lady Wakecrest on the plot, as well as help with imaginary allies with ghosts. In the quest lines of the location there is a place for witches with their rituals, druids, and all will end with a hike in the “Waycrest Manor”.
  • Fighting bandits, pirates and quests in the capital that is located in the location. The Alliance’s HQ will get acquainted with the mother of Jaina – Katrina Proudmoore and will undergo a dungeon “Freehold”.

To go to the enemy mainland, you need to have a 120-level character.

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