Thoughts on Monster Exchanging for GH Another Cards


The Monster Exchange System is one of the greatest improvements to Puzzle and Dragons as it allows players to convert excess copies of Godfest Exclusives/Event cards for valuable Monsters. This process will consume 4-5 cards each time so it is not a decision that should be made lightly and should only be done when it will improve your current situation.

My general rule of thumb is to always keep at least 2 copies of any given card due to the fact that GungHo has been releasing numerous split evolutions and it is impossible to predict what will be released/buffed next. A great example of this is Valkyrie Ciel who went being an underwhelming card, to having two incredibly powerful evolutions where you would badly want each version.

In this article I will be outlining my thought process towards Monster Exchanging for Orlando and maybe Milletia before it expires on Monday.

Video commentary


All Monster information gathered via Tsubaki Bot (Discord Bot) and monster icons come from PADx or Tsubaki Bot

All Trades within the GungHo Collab: Another Story will cost five 7* GFE so this decision should not be made lightly.

Orlando Pros & Cons – November 2022
  • The only 50% Gravity in the game
    • Many Super Resolves have 50% threshold
      • Can bypass mechanics
      • MD4 or Coop Farming
  • High personal damage on Rainbow teams
  • Expensive trade
  • Primarily used to optimize Farming
    • Majority of players may not derive any value from him
  • Costly Evolution process
    • Requires 5x materials that can only be traded for once
      • Costs 1 Rainbow Event Ticket/Medal each
      • Won’t be able to swap evolutions with ease


The ability to Monster Exchange for Orlando and Milletia gives players the opportunity to acquire a valuable card that should catapult their Monster Box forward. This is because Monster Exchanging is a costly process but I do feel will be invaluable for players who are GungHo on Farming content as efficiently as possible.

This is because the 50% Gravity can bypass the majority of Super Resolve thresholds and can greatly ease team building restrictions, especially when used in coop.

Let me know what you think about these cards and whether or not you Monster Exchanged for anything in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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