Not Always Negative, Video Games also Give 5 Positive Impacts for Children

Who are the parents who stand when seeing their children busy playing games? Certainly no. Because, playing video games is often alleged as an activity that is a waste of time and has no benefits. Many feel afraid that children become addicted to games. But who would have thought, such thinking is not always true. Parents need to know it turns out that behind many of the concerns that occur, video games can also have a positive impact on children.

10 Positive & Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

What are the positive effects of video games?

1. Training Children to Overcome Problems

In playing video games, usually the challenges are always included by the players to solve. children will think about how to solve these problems and try to challenge themselves to get through the problem.

In addition, the child’s video game will also be guided from the instructions provided and analyze before actually solving the problem. This of course can train children’s thinking to think first in order to solve problems.

However, it should be noted as parents do not allow children to choose their own games, but you also have to choose games that are instructive and certainly do not contain bad elements that can endanger the power of thought.

2. Provide New Insights

New insights or knowledge not only through books or films, even from games such as video games. Now many video games have become important sources of information, such as the variety of flora and fauna that are not yet well known, the setting of places that originate from certain environments or the landscape of the universe.

During the video game, parents also need to immediately accompany the child to ask interesting things that he just found out from the video game. children and parents can both look for more complete information about that knowledge in books or other reference sources.

3. Stimulate the Emergence of Creativity

Do parents believe or not that children who play video games can make children’s creativity emerge and develop?

The reality of the visuals displayed on video games can stimulate the development of children’s creativity. For example, from the display makes the child want to draw, from the flow of the video makes the child can retell through oral or written.

4. Help Train Emotion to be Controlled

Sometimes the media for children can control emotions very minimal. Not surprisingly, children tend to always have to obey their desires. In fact, not a few are experiencing tantrums.

Video games, children are better able to learn how to train the right emotions so that they are more controlled. Children will know that to get something, he must fight first. This is the same as when he managed to win in the game after doing various challenges.

That way, children are more able to determine the goals to be achieved, and not rash to realize in any way. Because all there are instructions that he must pay attention to.

5. Study the Abstinence Giving Up

There are levels that must be passed so that children can reach the highest level in playing video games. can make children learn and at the same time apply unyielding attitude if you want to get maximum results.

Although there is a sense of fatigue, but because of being driven by curiosity and want to give the best, children will be willing to fight. If necessary he will repeat continuously and continue until successful.